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Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Drifting" an Intro!

Drifting is an art! "Drifting Explained" shows you the basics of drifting... Drifting magazines are a good source for up to date information on events modifications. One such magazine is "Drifting" by the publishers of "Import Racer" Magazine. Here is a Professional Japanese Dual Drifting Video to get you started. Pay attention during the in-car-camera action!


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Salam GuyZ
how are you all ?
i'm really surprised
that we have alot of pple interested in drifting but non
of you guys came to MY event that i did in Emirates Motorplex last thursday
"Emirates Drifting Challenge"
and i had 17 entries and the winner was mohammed al rumathi from AD , guys it was the 1st drifting event ever in UAE and i'm planing to start a full championship 2006 , u guyz missed the 2 AMG cars i brought from Germany for that event
if you need any pics . or clips
please email me ..bye

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